How to Join an Athletic Club in Scotland

Joining a gym or athletic club may seem like a simple affair, yet there are a few steps or rules that you may not be aware of. Here are some notes for those who are a little in the dark when it comes to applying for membership at a gym.

Membership Deals

Citizens or visitors to Scotland should be on the lookout for great membership deals and promotions. Gyms throughout the country have great deals to offer clients. People who are unfamiliar with the area can also consult other citizens to ensure they don’t miss out on any membership deals – which can save anyone a lot of money.

Membership Terms

People who would like to sign up for a gym membership should be aware of the three kinds of memberships available. This includes a monthly, daily, or fixed-term contract. The monthly arrangement involves paying a set amount from month to month, which can be cancelled at any time with a month’s notice.

The daily pass is for visitors to the gym that only plan on training at the particular venue for a couple of days. The fixed-term contract can cover a period of a couple of months where members are obliged to finish their fixed contract term. Members who opt-out of their fixed-term contract may pay a cancellation fee towards the gym.

General Terms

Citizens of Scotland need to be a minimum of 16 years old before they can sign up for membership at a gym. These individuals also need to adhere to the rules displayed on notice boards in the club. Members need to be aware that the gym has the right to close its doors at any time should there be an emergency situation.

Each gym has its own rules and conditions – make sure to follow updated articles here to get news about gyms in your area.