Top Athletic Clubs in Scotland

There are a number of competitive athletic clubs in Scotland. These organisations have been incredibly successful over the past few years. Find out more about choosing the right gym here!

CrossFit Scotland

CrossFit is not for people who are quitters; it’s for people who want to get their fitness to the next level. The CrossFit gym in Scotland offers athletes programmes in weightlifting, gymnastics, and core training. CrossFit is centred around attending classes led by some serious coaches.

Pure Gym

This fine franchise has branches in Paisley, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen. The gyms are open all the time – yes, twenty-four seven. This offers members great value for money if they choose to pay the joining fee and sign a monthly contract.

The gym has quality equipment and welcomes athletes from all walks of life. This is one of the cheaper options without the fancy bells and whistles you’ll find at a high-end gym. This is great for people who just want to train without the luxury extras.

Aszurra Fitness Studio

This studio is a private gym offering services like personal training that provide you with advanced training programmes. The studio is also open for people who want to train alone.

There is a high demand for private gyms for personal training clients in Scotland at the moment. Some argue it is because these private studios have a better range of fitness equipment without the bustling noise of regular gyms. This place is perfect for athletes who need professional help from a personal trainer.

Silverknowes Outdoor Gym

Here it is free to train outdoors. This gym is great for people who prefer training outdoors. This gym doesn’t need any air conditioning, as athletes can breathe in the fresh Scottish air. These outdoor gyms are so trendy. Athletes can get exceptional views across the beach. This gym is popular among young people but everyone is welcome.

Travellers who are making their way through Scotland can stop by here for a day visit! Don’t forget to take care while training. Check out things to avoid during training here!